[Trans] Jaejoong in a Chinese Magazine!

“Kim Jaejoong’s Charm of Attracting Fanboys”
“Kim Jaejoong has a charm that attracts fanboys.” “Jaejoong’s fanboys are really fortunate.” “It seems that people of any age and gender all like Jaejoong.”
Recently, a post of fanboys from all around the world holding posters or taking pictures of Jaejoong is being widely spread. Male groups’ fans are usually female, it’s very rare that men become fans of boy bands, but fanboys take a special liking in Jaejoong.
In the openings of documentary “The Day”, Jaejoong held a Fan Meeting full of surprise. During the Fan Meeting, he greeted a fanboy very friendly, even asked him “where are you from?”. All these actions show how important these fanboys are in Jaejoong’s heart.
Jaejoong got shy going to Turkey!
The fans had already been lining up for entrance since morning. While they were waiting for their idol, Jaejoong, they showed their banner and yelled their support with all their strengths. The fans who brought pearl red and white balloons also attracted a lot of attention.
The hall where the fan meeting was held was playing JYJ’s music videos and the fans passionately sang along.
In loud cheers, Jaejoong appeared on stage, and said “Merhaba” (“Hello” in Turkish). As he finished saying this, the fans yelled “welcome” in Korean. Jaejoong, who stood on stage, was moved and bowed again to the fans.
The Q&A Session
The first question was “Do you guys (JYJ) want to hold a concert in Turkey?”, and when Jaejoong announced his answer as “yes”, the entire hall was filled with cheers and applause.
The Turkish vocabularies that Jaejoong learned were “Merhaba” (“Hello”) and “Sizi seviyorum” (“I love you guys”. He said the reason why he says “I love you guys” a little shyly is because he doesn’t easily say something like this in South Korea (e.g. he is embarrassed). And then Jaejoong said that he loves Turkey, and that Turkish girls are very pretty.
When asked what he wanted to do when first informed that he was visiting Turkey, he said that when he heard Turkey, the first thing he thought of was “ayasofya” (Hagia Sophia). And once, by chance, he ate some Turkish cuisine that was very good, but he didn’t know the name of the dish.
When he was asked about JYJ members’ nicknames, he answered he call Junsu “Jun-chan”, Yoochun “Parkyoo” and the members call him “JJ”. And because he thinks that the nicknames aren’t interesting, he was very sorry.
When talked about his favorite song, Jaejoong answered “In Heaven”. And regarding future plans, he said that he wants to participate in another TV drama, and if he has the chance, he would like to partake in a musical like Junsu. Jaejoong did not reject the requests of the fans, and sang “Protect You” from Protect the Boss with his unique voice. When he is heading to backstage to change, he realized that a fanmade video is being shown, so he sat back and watched the entire video.
Jaejoong was surprised by the birthday cake prepared for him, and he blew out the candles as the fans sang Happy Birthday in Korean. Jaejoong, as the kind person he is, also accepted flowers from the fans.
After the Q&A session, he gave 20 copies of JYJ “In Heaven” CD signed by all three members to the lucky fans who were chosen. And afterwards, he took photos with another 10 fans as requested.
During the meeting, Jaejoong did not lose his smile at all, and let his fans laughed. Under this wonderful atmosphere, the passionate meeting ended successfully.
During his stay in Turkey, Jaejoong used his smile, modesty and truthfulness to conquer his fans. Before he departed from Turkey, he wrote “The weather in Turkey is really cold, but I’ll bring warmth with me as I head back. Thank you Turkey!!”. When he was leaving to return to South Korea, the passionate fans did not let him leave alone.
Source: Baidu
Translated by: g.fanns of JYJ3