[Trans] Boyfriend – Taiwan press conference!

Boyfriend had a press conference when they arrived in Taiwan.

The press conference started at 1pm, and it was held at Taipei International Convention Centre.
Check out the interview below
1. How were the six members gathered?
Donghyun: After going on a show, I became a trainee for six years. The other members trained for about 1 to 3 years.

2. After forming the group, how long did you practice for before making your debut?
Donghyun: It took about a year.

3. What did you do for your training?
Donghyun: Dancing and singing. We trained 12 hours a day.

4. How did the name “Boyfriend” come about?
Jeongmin: The company wishes us to become the most perfect boyfriends in everyone’s eyes.

5. How do you feel after meeting the Taiwanese Bestfriends?
Boyfriend: We feel nervous and excited.

6. The most memorable moment after debuting? Have the Bestfriends done anything that made you feel touched?
Donghyun: When it was my birthday, the Bestfriends’ prepared a surprise birthday party for me, and it made me feel touched.

7. Some fans gave gifts to Youngmin and Kwangmin. Have you been mistook for each other?
Kwangmin: Err.. There was once when we were doing a photoshoot, and they mistook us..

8. The maknae of the group is?
Minwoo: (raises his hand)

9. The average age of Boyfriend is below 18, and most of the members are still students. Do you have any troubles with your studies?
Minwoo: We can’t focus much on our studies, and we’re unable to attend school every day. But we feel happy being able to show our talents on stage, so we don’t feel troubled by our studies.

10. How do you face your exams while juggling both schoolwork and training?
Kwangmin: Our schoolmates are very nice. They help us in our studies in order for us to study better.

11. What advice would you give to those who aspire to become idols?
Minwoo: We are not experienced enough to be giving advice. As long as you want to do it, and you like doing it, you can achieve it if you work hard.

12. Did you feel surprised seeing so many Bestfriends at the airport?
Donghyun: We did not expect this many fans to come to welcome us at the airport, so we felt shocked.

13. Do you have a particular food you’d like to try or a place you want to go after coming to Taiwan?
Donghyun: I’ve always wanted to try xiao long bao (A type of Chinese dim sum), but a fan gave it to us when we landed. Everyone tried it, and it was delicious.

14. We heard that you’ve always wanted to go to 101?
Jeongmin: We really want to go there. We passed it once, but it was a pity we did not enter it.

15. You’ve been to Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore before. What are the difference between the Bestfriends?
Minwoo: Everyone is nice. We feel that Taiwanese people are very warm, we feel touched.

16. Can you tell us a little about the fanmeeting which will be held tonight?
Donghyun: We will perform a dance we have not performed before, and also prepared some individual performances.

17. What are your thoughts towards being labelled as “Hallyu wave’s new leader”
Jeongmin: We feel very thankful.
Donghyun: We want to continue walking down this road that our sunbaenims have paved for us.

18. It’s almost 300 days since your debut, what are your plans for the future?
Boyfriend: We will prepare for our next album and promote overseas.

19. Now let’s have the member who did not speak say some words of thanks. (Hyunseong)
Hyunseong: It’s our first time coming to Taiwan.. Seeing everyone giving us support and care, we feel thankful. We will continue working hard, and we hope that everyone will support us a lot.

Article from kpopn.com
Translation by boyfriend-champion.