[Photo] MBLAQ's Lee Joon and Jung Joori share an octopus kiss

MBLAQ's Lee Joon and comedian Jung Joori recently shared a sweet octopus kiss.

The production of MBC’s ‘Dreams and Fields’ has unveiled a preview still cut from its most recent filming. The for the nex episode, to be aired on April 1st, Lee Joon and Jung Joori are expected to share an octopus kiss.

The still cut shows Lee Joon and Jung Juri quite close as they share a baby octopus kiss. The two literally have their lips closed around opposite ends of a baby octopus tentacle.

The ‘Dreams and Fields’ team visited the town of Yerakri to make the music video to help promote the region’s famous three legged octopus. Lee Joon was tasting the freshly caught octopus when Jung Joori suggested an octopus kiss and he agreed without hesitation.