[Photo] G.NA snaps playful photo with Brian Joo

Singer G.NA recently revealed her close friendship with Brian Joo.

On March 22nd, G.NA updated her personal Twitter saying, "With Brian oppa and the staff after the performance ended! Teen Top and A Pink had to leave earlier so i got no pix with them! Maybe next time! Good job everybody!", and attached the photos above.

The photos showed G.NA and Brian making different goofy poses at the camera. The two singers were also seen reenacting a scene from the movie "E.T." The photos gained a lot of attention for revealing the friendship of the two stars.

Meanwhile, G.Na, Brian Joo along with Teen Top, A Pink and indie rock bands 3rd Line Butterfly, Crying Nut and Yellow Monsters attended the Canadian Music Festival held on March 21 at Toronto's Koolhaus.