[News/Video] K-Pop in Lima: JYJ stopped traffic and caused fan hysteria!

The Korean group arrived in the capital and was greeted by thousands of girls outside the Marriot Hotel. Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun said they were surprised and grateful.
Junsu, Jaejoong and Yuchun, the members of the Korean pop group JYJ, talked with the Peruvian press after a few hours of arriving in Lima. The conference was held at the Marriot Hotel, the musicians of Korean nationality were surprised with the reception they had in their first visit in South America.
“We didn’t knew we had so many fans here. We are surprised. We thank the Peruvian fans who greeted at the airport and came to the hotel. Tomorrow we will do our best for you to enjoy the concert," said Jaejoong.
The singers, representatives of the genre K-Pop, said they knew little of our culture and were eager to try our food and explore the country. Junsu, for example, said he dreamed to know about Lake Titicaca.
“When I was little I knew of that lake reading geography books and I always wanted to visit,” said the singer, sporting a new look as part of the characterization to portray death in the play “Elizabeth”, which will be released in Korea.
STOPPED THE TRAFFIC IN MIRAFLORES (T/N: Miraflores is the District where is located Marriot Hotel)
The conference began after 4:30 pm, ended after a round of questions in 20 minutes. After that, the three members of JYJ went to Marriot hotel balcony.
After seeing the musicians, nearly two thousand fans who were waiting down of the Hotel, they shot down two of the security fences and crossed the track that separates the park from the hotel. In this way, traffic stopped for several minutes while security officers tried to control the people, mostly teenagers.
Credit: El Comercio
Translated and Shared by: JYJ3