[News/Video] JYJ Sparked a Passionate Red Ocean in Lima During Their Anticipated Concert!

The K-Pop trio stole the breath away from more than one during their presentation at the Monumental Stadium in Lima. JYJ fans sung all the ‘fanchants’ during  a historic evening in Peru.

Lima became a red ocean during the presentation of the K-Pop trio JYJ in Peru. A little after 8 PM Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Xiah Junsu came on stage at the “explanada sur del Estadio Monumental” in Lima, sparking the excitement of more than 6,000 cassiopeias (fans of DBSK/JYJ).
Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu began the event with “Empty”, “Pierrot” and “Ayyy Girl” in an exclusive version for the concerts in South America, followed by “Be My Girl”. Afterwards, each one showcased on of their solos. Yoochun and Jaejoong enchanted the audience with “I Love You” and “I’ll Protect You”, while Junsu made his fans delirious with the always daring single “Intoxication”.
Peruvian fans chanted one by one fanchants during “Ideal Scenario,” “Be the One” and “Mission”. Polishing the very best of their voices, the K-Pop trio performed the anticipated performance of “In Heaven,” a song from their latest album.
During the show Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu gave a few words to their Peruvian fans. Given by the public’s response, they stated that if they had perviously known that they had this many fans in Peru they would have came earlier, which in turn led to cries of joy from Cassiopeias waving their glowsticks non-stop, turning the Monumental into a vibrating red ocean with each tune .
In broken Spanish, Junsu said that he loved his fans in Peru which left the audience in awe. Jaejoong not only flirted with his female fans but also showed his surprise by the large numbers of male fans at the Monumental.  He also said he wishes to return to Peru and hopes to be able to communicate better in Spanish. For his part, Yoochun asked how JYJ had become so well known in Peru. The audience answered in unison “Internet”, which made the idol laugh.
During brief breaks in the show, some videos of JYJ during their stay in South America were broadcasted. We were able to see the members of JYJ after their arrival in Santiago, Chile and finally in their “quiet” entrance to Peru, cheered by the fans who waited not only at the airport but also outside off the Marriott Hotel in Miraflores.
After a brief break and to the persistent cries of fans, JYJ returned to the the stage for their encore performance: a special remix version of “Empty” and “Get Out,” in which Jaejoong held the Peruvian flag, which again resulted in a series of cries from the cassiopeias.
Even long after the lights had gone out, the passion of the ocean stayed alive. With tears and smiles on their faces, the thousands of followers began to exit the Monumental, hoping not only the return of JYJ but of other groups from distant Korea.
CreditRPP Noticias + lynaeina01
Translated by: popopiluvsjyj of JYJ3