[News/Video] Chilean fans go slightly mental for JYJ!

SANTIAGO – On March 9th, the boys of Korean pop band JYJ are scheduled to hold a concert at the Teatro Caupolic├ín in Santiago, Chile.
It is uncommon that Santiago receives new artists from East Asia and this is a special treat for many young pop lovers.
The boys were scheduled to arrive yesterday in Santiago and hundreds of fans gathered to await for their arrival. Unfortunately, JYJ’s flight was delayed and they won’t make it to Chile until later today.
The band’s global debut album, The Beginning, was released in October 2010. JYJ’s second studio album and first Korean full-length album In Heaven was released on September 28, 2011.
In August 2011, JYJ were appointed Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations agency UNAIDS. JYJ and UNAIDS launched a social media awareness campaign to combat HIV/AIDS discrimination via Twitter using the hashtag #LoveAlways.
In November and December 2011, JYJ launched their Mango Tree Project working with World Vision and ELLE Korea to plant “mango trees of hope” to children in South Sudan. JYJ, with fellow artists Park Yoohwan and Song Jihyo, have recorded videos in Korean, Japanese, and English discussing the project to raise awareness and encourage donations, with the goal of planting 20,000 mango trees ahead of Christmas in South Sudan. The mango trees symbolized hope, as well as providing food and a sheltered meeting spot which could serve as a classroom for children.
Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami that struck eastern Japan in 2011, JYJ donated 600,000,000 won (approximately US$500,000) to World Vision Japan, fulfilling the organization’s entire fundraising goal. JYJ stated that they wanted to give support and encouragement to Japan in return for all the love and support that their Japanese fans have given them over the years. They also expressed their hope that this would encourage others to contribute to charitable organizations around the world. JYJ also held two charity concerts in Tokyo in June 2011 to benefit those affected by the disaster.
After the 2011 Thailand floods, JYJ donated 200,000,000 won in November 2011 to World Vision, doubling the organization’s fundraising goal for flood relief in Thailand for the purpose of dispensing emergency food aid, water treatment, mosquito nets and other supplies.
Chilean fans have been waiting anxiously for the concert and have assembled flash mobs and other activities ahead of their arrival.

Credit: ilovechile.cl (Chile’s Premiere English Language Media Group)