[News] Yuri and Lee Je Hoon kiss on ‘Fashion King’

Actor Lee Je Hoon and Girls' Generation's Yuri from drama ‘Fashion King’ shared a deep kiss.

On the fourth episode of the SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ aired on March 27, Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Je Hoon) kissed his ex-girlfriend Choi Anna (Yuri).

In the episode, Anna went to the home of her ex-boyfriend Jung Jae Hyuk after being hurt by Michael Jay's coldness. She wanted to accept Jung Jae Hyuk's scout offer. He welcomed her with a drink and she asked, "Do you have Soju? If not, give me something strong".

After a few drinks, Anna asked, "Do you still love me" and Jae Hyuk responded with a deep kiss. Their kiss scene was dizzying. They continued to kiss until Sin Jung Ah (Han Yui) disturbed them. She tried to excuse herself by saying, "I didn’t know you had a visitor."