[News] Yoseob and Eunji's "LOVE DAY" set for "White Day"

A Cube Entertainment recently announced that B2ST's Yoseob and A Pink's Eunji will be releasing a collaboration single titled "LOVE DAY", for A Cube's seasonal project "A Cube For Season."

Yoseob and Eunji's sweet duet will be the first spring song of the four season themed ‘A Cube for Season’ collection. The song is a collaborative work of Kim Geon Woo, who composed A Pink's "It Girl", and songwriter Kim Ea Na, who wrote IU's hit songs "Good Day" and "You and I".

A representative from A Cube stated, "LOVE DAY will be released on March 14 and is a duet that will compliment White Day. It will tell a story of the blossoming love between a new couple and will feature the compelling harmony of Eunji and Yoseob's voices."