[News] “YG Family Has Arrived!” on Strong Heart

The ones we have been waiting for are finally here. We would like to introduce YG Family!~

YG Best Handsome Line
Se7en and TOP

YG Best Leader Line
GD and CL

YG Best Doppleganger Line
Sean and Little Sean Taeyang

YG Best Vocal Line
Gummy and Park Bom

YG Best Maknae Line
Psy and Tablo

YG Seungri Academy Line
Seungri & Sandara Park

YG Best Décalcomanie Line
Daesung and Gong Minji
(Décalcomanie is a kind of art displaying mirror images)

Are you ready to laugh with the best of YG lines?
If then, 3/27 and 4/3
Strooong~ Heart on Tuesday nights!

Translated by: @kristinekwak