[News] Yesung congratulated SHINee and visited them at Music Bank!

Super Junior member Yesung went to Music Bank on March 23rd to visit SHINee and congratulate them. He even brought some snacks for the members. Yesung is indeed a good senior.

Yesung dropped by SHINee’s dressing room in Music Bank and brought drinks and snacks. He congratulated the boys for their comeback and brought a simple present which made SHINee thankful. They took a photo while in the dressing room and Yesung uploaded the picture on his personal Twitter account and wrote "SHINee dongsaengs are having a comeback today so I went to support them^^ In terms of visuals... we practically look like friends, right? ha"
SHINee greeted their senior and junior artists backstage and gave them an autographed album.

Source: DongAshiningtweets, Yesung's Twitter
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net