[news] Which SM Entertainment artist is the top earner for the company?

SNSD brings the most bucks to SM Entertainment and are the biggest factor for the amount of revenue SM Entertainment received. Lately, SM Entertainment revealed the earnings of their artist over the years and SNSD came to the top among all the artists under SM Entertainment.

SNSD has made over 21.737 billion won and that is the combination of their music sales and their other endorsement deals. For their music sales they got over 13,742,000,000 won in sales and 7,995,000,000 won for others such as appearance in shows, endorsement deals, modelling, etc. Super Junior followed SNSD having over 13.831 billion Won. TVXQ followed coming in third with over 11.723 billion Won and then came SHINee with 5.495 billion won.

Netizens commented, "Thats so amazing for SNSD, the girls are doing great", "SNSD showing girl power!" "They will be earning more billions in the next years".