[News] U-Kiss to make comeback in April

After concluding their promotions for second album, "Neverland" in Korea, U-Kiss headed to Japan for promotions. The group has attracted the most attention in 2012 and gathered around 25,000 fans for their first Japan nationwide tour, which was brought to a close with a big success on March 25th at Zepp Tokyo.

On their final day, U-Kiss announced that they will be making their first comeback in seven months in April. The boys revealed that they have already worked on over 100 songs in Korean and just have the title track selection left to complete.

"We have to be cautious in selecting the track because fan expectations are very high this time around," the members stated.

NH Media stated, "U-KISS' new album is one that will mark their return as Hallyu artists. There’s a lot of fan expectations to live up to so we’re putting a lot of thought into it.”

"Until now we haven't given our fans enough love in Korea because of international activities. With determination, we look forward to our comeback in Korea and will seek the top", the agency added.