[News] ‘Trending’ Infinite forgetting their birthdays and sweating for their final concert’s rehearsals!

Infinite forgets their birthdays and sweating for their encore concert’s rehearsals.

On April 1st, Infinite will hold an encore concert ‘Second Invasion-Evolution’ in extension to their concerts in February at Seoul’s Olympic Sport Stadium, where they will meet with more than 10,000 fans.
Infinite is striving, practicing from the dawn until very late for the oncoming concert in April. Hoya, the member who turned 22 on March 28th, worthy of his ‘practice-maniac always seeking for a perfect performance’ rumors, delayed his birthday and is absorbed in the rehearsals to show his best image.

Last time, Infinite held 2 concerts at the handball stadium, which were both sold out, so for this encore concert they are drawing attention as they are perfectly matching their ‘Trending-dols’ nickname. This time’s organization is going to be different from the first one; not only is each Infinite member’s solo stage to be changed, but also a  song from their new album, which will be released in May, is going to be revealed.
Moreover, for this concert, 5 live performances are going to be live broadcasted all over the world through Youtube. It’s even more anticipated as they’ve planned to reveal their splendid performance’s making film, including various other videos as well.

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