[NEWS] TEENTOP Niel has a Female Celebrity that makes his Heart Race

In the latest first recording of cable channel KBS JOY’s ‘The Chair Korea Season 2’, Niel pointed out that his ideal type now isn’t the same celebrity from before; to MC Shin Dongup’s ‘In reality, which noona celebrity makes your heart race when you see her?”

Niel reckons that actress Nam Sungmi is the closest to his ideal type of usual pretty lady whom are kind and has a gentle smile. But on that day’s recording, there was a change and he confessed that it is no longer Nam Sungmi but another celebrity that causes his heart to race when he sees her.

Especially not long before during a certain program, Niel dedicated ‘Because You Are My Lady’ as a serenade for his ideal type so it amplifies the curiosity for who is Niel’s heart-fluttering ideal type this time around.

We will reveal about the latest and most often mentioned girl group amongst the Teen Top members and also moments of one taking pride in their genuine charms.
Teen Top’s recorded part will be broadcast on 14 March 8.10AM KST.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120313n15770
Translations by @oursupaluv