[News] Taemin's beauty causes "Girl groups watch out for Taemin" to trend on Korean search engines!

A humorous ‘Taemin Warning‘ directed at idol girl groups has surfaced on account of SHINee‘s Taemin being ‘prettier than a girl’. During SHINee's recent Inkigayo performance, a hot search term on Korean search engine websites was "Girl groups watch out for Taemin".

Taemin seems to have left the biggest impression on the public with his newfound style. Viewers first caught a glimpse of this style in his album jacket photos -- Taemin was presented with long, straight hair, giving off an air of mystical beauty. Taemin has always been recognized for this aspect, but the recent album teaser photos coupled with his overall performance style as of late seem to emphasize his beauty that much more. His small face, slim figure, and bright looks seem to rise above even members of girl groups.

Netizens commented on Taemin’s comeback image, saying, “As expected, the looks of a girl group“, “Taemin’s looks are better than average girl group members“, “Next to Taemin, the girl group members better be careful not to get embarrassed“.

Source: Star News