[News] T-ara launches YouTube channel

Girl group T-ara will launch its own channel on YouTube to broadcast video and images from its European tour, the group’s agency announced on Saturday.

According to Core Contents Media, T-ara will go on a nine-day tour next month to European countries including Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

The agency said that the girl group will launch the YouTube channel to show videos and photos from the trip. The title of the channel is Freedom, based on the idea behind the trip. The agency said that the videos will be recorded and edited by the seven members of the group.

T-ara member Hyomin said she will also update her Twitter page every six hours while on tour.

Last week, the agency announced that T-ara members will work with director Cha Eun-taek and famed fashion photographer Jo Se-hyun during the trip on a project involving a new girl group that is scheduled to make its debut in May.

Source: JoongAng Daily