[News] Strong Heart’s ‘YG Family Special’ Guesting "YG Doesn't Look At Appearances?


A total of 13 artists from YG Entertainment, have come together to appear in SBS Entertainment program, "Strong Heart."The "Strong Heart - YG Special" would be broadcasted on the 27th, and in this episode, they would be talking frankly and honestly about events that happened inside the agency, which they have never disclosed before. 


Recently, YG Family has finished pre-recording their "Strong Heart" episode and would be explaining about "Three Misconceptions About YGE." The first one is about YG not looking at appearances, to which Daesung said, "Why are you looking at me!" showing a strong reaction. In addition, Daesung said, "Of course it's only natural for YG to look at appearances. However, I think that my rating is about 3.5 points," he said, pointing out his opinion about YG and appearances. 

Also, there's "YG parties hard," which is a misconception that was said to be caused by Psy, but which he strongly denied. Seungri said, "When Psy came in, the atmosphere of drinking totally changed," he said about Psy's drinking, and re-enacted what he looked like, causing the studio to burst into laughter during the recording. 

And lastly, "YG-sajangnim is an angel," to which all of YG family firmly shook their head, showing through their responses that he was the opposite.Meanwhile, Strong Hearts "YG Family Special" would be broadcasted through two episodes, to be aired on March 27 and April 3. 

Sources: nate
Trans by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ Slave+WeLoveDara