[News] Song Hye Kyo to collaborate with John Park

Actress Song Hye Kyo’s collaboration teaser with John Park has been released.

A video of Song Hye Kyo and John Park has been uploaded on Youtube and other online communities. In the video, Song Hye Gyo opens a note and asks, “John Park?” On the other hand, John Park receives a call and says, “Song Hye Kyo? Oh my God,” hinting a collaboration work between the two.

At the end of the video, “Song Hye Kyo’s debut March 8th, 2012” comes up, predicting their duet. Although it’s been 16 years since her debut, this is Song Hye Kyo’s first time releasing a track.

Viewers commented, "John Park and Song Hye Kyo? Amazing", "Finally get to hear Song HyeKyo’s sing", "How did John Park get an opportunity like this?" and more.