[News] Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan sprayed water to Sasaeng fan

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan revealed a story about his encounter with sasaeng fans.

Members of Shinhwa guest-featured on the March 21st episode of MBC’s "Radio Star". During the show, Kim Dong Wan was asked, "I heard that you sprayed hot water on fans before is that true?", to which Kim Dong Wan answered, "It wasn’t hot water, it was cold water."

He jokingly continued, "In the summer, I used a hose and sprayed water on fans. I thought the fans were flowers."

When he would spray them with water, the sasaeng fans would say, "I didn’t come to see you", and that made him a big angry.

Kim Dong Wan once told the sasaeng fans, "Shinhwa does not take care of your lives", and those fans would leave. He added, "I think I was crazy at the time."

Other members also spoke about the hardships due to sasaeng fans. Jun Jin stated, "We had to move dormitories within a year when our contract was 2 years because of the neighbor complaints. The fans would use the bathrooms of the neighbors without permission and the laundries also disappeared."