[News] Shinhwa's Jun Jin recalls how he almost lost his life in an accident

Shinhwa member Jun Jin recalled how he almost lost his life in a scary accident.

On the March 13th installment of KBS2 "Win Win", all six members of Shinhwa were guest-featured and Jun Jin talked about his tumbling accident on a variety program during Shinhwa's early days.

Jun Jin revealed, "On a variety program in the past, I fell on my head on a cement floor so badly that I lost consciousness for a while."

He failed at pulling off a full acrobatic tumbling, and fell to the ground foaming at the mouth. "Though I do remember falling at the time, my mouth went haywire and my arm wouldn’t move. I tried hard to get up, but I can’t remember what happened after that," Jun Jin continued.

Shin Hye Sung then added, "We went to the hospital and the doctor said he might not survive the night because he had gotten a cephalhematoma. Everyone cried a lot after hearing that."

Eric revealed the group’s famous close bond adding, "I think that was the first day I cried because of a member."