[News] Shinhwa launches first exclusive program

The longest-running idol group Shinhwa, who will be celebrating their 14th anniversary this year, has gotten back together after a 4-year break to release their 10th album as well as lauching their first own TV program.

Shinhwa will be lauching first exclusive variety program "Shinhwa Broadcast" on the general service channel jTBC. The program is being prepared in top secret, and any information other than the title including airing dates and concepts are being kept under wraps.

"We're working hard so that it will live up to our viewers' expectations, and it will be a program that will showcase the Shinhwa members' variety of charms," a producer said about the program.

Shinhwa has been busy preparing for their comeback. But they still have been discussing the program and providing feedback to the crew. They also directly requested meetings with the producers to show their active involvement with the program planning.

"Shinhwa Broadcast" started shooting after member Lee Minwoo's release from the military on March 2.