[News] Sherlock mini-album goes out of stock online

It’s been reported that online stores are out of stock on Sherlock albums.
While this may sound like a good thing, it’s really not.
Hanteo reported about 18,000 sales on the 21st and 17,000 on the 22nd, which roughly adds up to 35,000. Then there’s the albums that have been sold for the fansign events.
Not enough albums have been printed to even fulfill the preorders in Korea alone.
People in Korea are not able to get their orders so it’s most likely (but not definite) that people overseas will not get their orders right away. Some online music stores are saying that they will re-stock on Tuesday.
The downside to this is that Music Bank cuts off its count for next week’s chart on Sunday, meaning those unfulfilled preorders will NOT count until the week after in April. Shawols in Korea have been advised to go to offline stores and buy albums wherever they are in stock.

Credits: kimchi hana @ shineee.net