[News] Sandara Park Has A Love Phobia!

2NE1′s Sandara Park confesses her fear of love.
On the 27th, during the broadcast of SBS “Strong Heart,” YG Family Specialepisode one, Big Bang’s Seungri reveals about how he tried to set-up Sandara Park for a blind date.
On the episode, Seungri said, “There are quite a lot of men I know who likes Sandara Park,” he added, “So I wanted to introduce her to three men,” he revealed, getting the attention of the cast and audience.
But Sandara Park revealed that she wasn’t even able to contact these three men, and the arrangement was only made but not followed-through.
Sandara Park said, “I’m a little scared,” expressing her thoughts. She continued, “When people see me, they think of the cute and lively image I portray during broadcasts or during performances. I’m afraid that they might have a misconception of who I really am, thinking that I have a cute charm and that’s why they will want to meet me willingly. My real personality isn’t really like that. Maybe they’ll leave if they meet the real me,” she said.
In addition, Sandara Park also said that the other reason she wasn’t able to meet one of the three men was because of leader CL.
CL said, “I heard that Seungri was in the middle of talking to Sandara about the blind date,” she said, “I took the phone and put it down. But it’s because it didn’t feel right because we still had the dating ban,” she explained, showing her leader’s heart.

Source: Nate 
Translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara