[news] Salamander guru ratings rose because of the IU effect?

SBS "Salamander Guru" experiences a rise in their viewer ratings. It was reported that from last week, their ratings this week rose 0.8% and now their viewer rating is 5.1%  and for this week's episode IU was among the stars who made a cameo on the show.

"Salamander Guru" has had quite a sum of cameo's from idol's such as Dynamic Duo and Taeyeon of SNSD however, the ratings still struggled and the fact that they had famous singers making a cameo, the show still received low viewer rating. This week they had tiger JK and IU and the show experienced a rise in their viewer rating.

Meanwhile, the show is thinking of more innovative and exciting scenes for the show to have the show's viewer rating to continue to rise. On the other hand, KBS "Love and War 2" received a 10.2% viewer rating and MBC "Special" received a 6.7% viewer rating.