[NEWS] Rookie Led apple flooded with love calls from Japan

Rookie rock band Led apple’s potential is recognized in Japan as well.

Led apple caught the interest of many because of their brilliant performances and unique rock music displayed last March 16th at the K-Rookies Party held at Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza where 4000 fans attended.

Idol groups CODE-V and N-Sonic were also part of the concert line-up with Led apple. Led apple takes on the final stage with 6 or 7 of their songs.

Led apple members consist of a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist along with two vocalists and a DJ which are enough to captivate the audience into their unique performances.

On the 24th, an official of Led apple’s company told Star news, “A rock idol band that dances during performances is the group’s unique charm which received hot responses from the fans when they debuted. The members can compose and contribute to the process of making an album which could eventually lead to a Japanese debut. Love calls from local agencies kept pouring in.”

Led apple’s latest digital single ‘SADNESS’ is a modern rock dance song composed by Jo YoungSu. It is dance music with addictive melody emphasized by the two vocalists’ mature tones.

Led apple just finished promoting ‘Time Is Up’ produced by ShinSaDong Tiger until they were able to meet up with Jo YoungSu for their next single. Working with such hit makers has been positively affecting the group.

Credits: star news | jerism @ LEDAfied
Translation: jerism @ LEDAfied