[News] Park Jin Young: “Bigbang’s ‘Bad Boy’ is the Best”!

JYP Entertainment’s president Park Jinyoung has praised Yang Hyunsuk of YG Entertainment for Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”

He showed interest in idol group YG Entertainment’s Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” while talking in SBS’ “Kpop Star.”

Yang Hyunsuk told Star News that “Park Jinyoung asked me who made “Bad Boy” because he thinks its the best song from the past year. I was happy to hear this from such an influential producer.”
He went on to say “I also personally like “Bad Boy” out of all the Big Bang songs, and I think Park Jinyoung likes this song because he has an interest in Hip Hop and R&B.”
Park Jinyoung’s praise to Big Bang was very heart-warming, considering Big Bang is an idol group from a rival company.
“Bad Boy” is from Big Ban’s 5th mini album that was released in February. It is a hip hop song with a nice melody and a rhythmical beat. Big Bang’s G-Dragon produced this song, Choice37 helped with writing the melody, and TOP helped with the rap.
Big Bang is approaching their one month mark since the release of their new album, and is maintaining the top positions in music charts.

Source: Star News
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