[News] NU’EST “We owe After School and Son Dambi sunbae”!

“We speak in Satoori (Accent) just among us. And there’s a time when we can’t understand what’s Baekho saying(Laugh)”

“Now the members is like the family, Even though we are tired and lonely, but we get through it together.”

Baekho, “Because After School is the team that famous with their performance, so seems like people expect a lot from us. They think our performance will be great, and they’re really looking forward for us. So we want to live up to people expectations. So to make the performance perfect, we continue to practicing. And to entertain people, Minhyun-i practicing the ‘transformer’ voice imitation, Aron hyung also practicing a rap in english. They’re really great, Please look forward.”

Baekho, “After School sunbaes really treat us well. They often buy us a food. And especially, U-ie sunbae gave me a name. So, it seems like i have this special feeling. It was so awkward when i first heard the name ‘Baekho’, But now my real name sounds even more awkward.(laugh)”

JR “We really owe (the sunbaes) a lot. They often buy us a food. I remember, when we had a photoshoot for our jacket photo, Dambi noona visited us, and bought us cake and snacks. Thanks to her we gain some power, and then we can wrap up the photoshoot well. Lizzy Noona also stop by and give us a lot of support. We even took a photo together.”

Baekho, “Seems like Members’ image concept grows in the real life. JR is a perfectionist, so when he make one mistake, he start to do (the work) from the start again. Minhyun is naive.”

Minhyun “That time, I was eating a chicken skewered food on my way to home after school.(laugh) My friend forced me to come with him. At that time i received offer from the casting director .I like singing since i was young, so I told my parents i want to be a singer, and they give me a permission without hesitation.”

JR “I live in Kangreung, Kangwon-do. I joined an audition, My parents didn’t believe (that JR is accepted) so they disagree. I was appeared in the dream of the person who cast me, And i convince my parents again then i become a trainee. my father dream was to be a singer. I’ll make my parents dream come true.(Laugh)”

Aron, “My Korean skills has improved a lot. At first, I didn’t know korean well so i can only say ‘Ok’. I always say ‘Ok’.(Laugh) Now, i’m on the level when i can give an explanation to people.”

Minhyun, “My friends can’t believe it. And i am so nervous and worried. My friends said to me through phone things like, ‘You’ve become more cool’, ‘Cheer up, because i support you’.”

JR, Baekho “People support us a lot, but still i feel nervous and my heart beats hard. Especially our family. They’re really worried. We even work harder. And, we would like to thanks a fans who’s supporting us even before our debut. I can only think ‘Let’s do well, Let’s do our best’.”

Source + Translations: the-nuest