[News] Minhyun, becomes a 'fool of a niece'!

A photo of Minhyun with his niece has recently been revealed online and has been becoming a hot topic.

NU'EST's Baekho recently uploaded a picture of Minhyun holding his niece in his arms on his me2day account.

In the photo, Minhyun is holding onto his niece and was showing affection to the child. which made him look very precious and made the hearts of people warm. This photo was uploaded with a post written by member Baek Ho "yo-! Our Hwang MinHyun!! He is holding onto a baby..... so cuteㅠㅠ!! I can sense that he's a nice and friendly uncle...... uncle!! hehe".

Minhyun who is known for his disciplined lifestyle is attracting many peoples attention with this photo, as they can see his love for his niece and a kind and caring person.

The netizens commented "How can he hold a baby so well at a young age?", "Reserving the name 'daughter's fool' for the future", "The niece is so cute! I envy her".

t/n to the news:
fool's niece / daughter's fool : refers to 'cherishing a person a lot' - in this case 'cherishing his niece / relative a lot' 

Meanwhile, NU'EST is currently promoting their title song called 'FACE'.

Source: xportsnews
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