[News] MinHyuk filmed enthusiastically at a club in Hongdae!

Kang MinHyuk will officially appear as Cha SeKwang in the role of younger brother of Kim NamJoo in the 7th episode of the KBS weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family” (director: Kim HyunSuk, Script: Park JiEun) on the 17th of March. Cha SeKwang’s character is a charming, playboy who makes women’s heart race with regardless of age, but he sacrifices himself for friends.
Kang MinHyuk took the first shooting conducted over 4 hours at Club M2 in Hongdaei, Seoul in the morning of the 13th. He appeared on the scene at the club, he was coordinated with fashion in denim pants and black leather jacket.
Kang MinHyuk naturally played the role of Cha SeKwang with a haughty look, despite the intense sound. He has full of charming personality, also immediately opened up to MalSook (Oh YeonSeo) who contests the first time, and he boosted the atmosphere of the scene.
He laughed and said, “I had shooting more than 50 extras in a noisy club, but I didn’t realize the time passed. I got dizzy
Also, Kang MinHyuk  professed “I went o America for the joint concert of CNBLUE and FTISLAND a few days ago. I watched and studied ‘My Husband Got a Family’ during my stay” and then “I thought about how to make my first appearance impressive and had a lot of practices.   YongHwa hyung who has a lot of acting experiences kept company with my practice, so I could concentrate on acting.”, conveying his appreciation.

Source: innolife.net
Translated by: BLUELove@cnbluestorm