[News] M.I.B to appear in first reality program "W Military Academy"

Hip hop group M.I.B will be challenging themselves in a reality TV program for the first time since their debut.

M.I.B has been selected as the main guest team for the next season of Mnet’s "W Military Academy". The first episode of the show will be aired on March 21.

"W Military Academy" will be shown in a different format from regular reality shows that closely follow stars’ every move. The program will feature the boys 5ZIC, Kangnam, SIMS and Cream, who enlist in a training center for global stars, for an 8-week hard training.

During the Season 1 of the show, Boyfriend charmed the audience with their youthful and fresh image. This time, M.I.B is planning to improve people’s recognition for their hip-hop signing group and will offer big laughs to the viewers, showcasing a completely different side of themselves.