[NEWS] MBLAQ's Seungho Shows Competitve Nature with Broken Fingernail 'Bowling with Injured Fighting Spirit'

In the upcoming airing of KBS2 'Saturday Freedom - Family Ties' on the 17th, Seungho and Cheondung, in order to donate and support the protection of abandoned animals, will go up against Lee Hwijae, Kim Byungman, and No Woojin.

The joint mission of MBLAQ and the MCs is bowling. For an ordinary person to succeed once is not easy, completing 3 strikes in a row is a high-difficulty mission.

Even the one who loves bowling to the point that he brought his own personal bowling ball, Seungho who usually averages 200 points easily and the national team representative both got spares during practice, but when they continued to fail in getting spares (in the real game) their competitive nature was triggered.

Unlike Seungho who couldn't even succeed in getting a low-difficulty spare, Cheondung easily got a high-difficulty spare, baffling the usually confident in bowling Seungho.

In the end Seungho took off the smile on his face, and practiced more enthusiastically than anyone else. When the others in the program were resting from continuous exhausting practice, he pushed himself to practice without a break, and in the end his fighting spirit was injured when he broke his nail.

Meanwhile, the results of the bowling mission in which MBLAQ and the MCs showed heated competitiveness can be seen through 'Family Ties' on the 17th at 5:10 pm.

Source: Nate ; MBLAQ Baidu
Translated/Reuploaded: crispee @ mblaqattack.net