[News] Lotte Department Store Reveals a CF Featuring Girls’ Generation!

A brand new CF and interview have recently been released as part of Girls’ Generation’s endorsement for Lotte Department Store. The CF features clips of Girls’ Generation performing parts of the choreography from “The Boys” while dressed in beautiful outfits, different from those in the “The Boys” music video. The members are also seen preparing their hair and makeup, as well as choosing accessories. They go through several different sets of outfits throughout the CF as they pose for photos and enjoy themselves during the filming.
Lotte Department Store has also released a brief interview with Girls’ Generation, in which Taeyeon promotes Lotte’s new online mall. The members keep the same look from the new CF in the interview.
Finally, on March 29th, Sunny, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung attended a fansign event to commemorate the grand opening of the Pyeongchon branch of the Lotte Department Store. They were later joined by Yuri for the store’s opening ceremony.

Sources: BMW7176@youtube.comrinarin1000@youtube.com,
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