[News] Lee Sooman's odd compliment to Key

SHINee member Key shared a small story from the early days of his debut on the Entertainment Relay guerilla date. He remembers the day he and the members first performed for Lee Sooman. Lee Sooman complimented Minho by telling him that he looks handsome and Taemin by saying he looks youthful. He praised Onew and Jonghyun as well. But to Key, he said, “Your forehead is huge so it looks like you’ll be successful,” slightly humiliating Key while complimenting him at the same time.

On SHINee’s guerilla date, they shared a few stories and also faced off citizens in toy hammer and forehead flicking matches. It will be aired on Entertainment Relay on the 31st, so make sure you tune in!

Source: Newsen
Article by kimchi hana @ shineee.net