[news] Lee Hyori is jealous over Eugene??

Singer Lee Hyori expresses her jealousy over Eugene. Eugene and Lee Hyori both were guests for the show "Happy Together Season 3" for their 10th Anniversary, and the episode is a 1st ever special episode and Lee Hyori shared an interesting story of her jealousy over Eugene.

Lee Hyori said, "To be honest, I am jealous over Eugene, she debuted as a singer but after that she became a famous and recognized actress as well as getting married to the man she loves. I want to be like that too in the future, to be recognized as an actress and to get married". To this, Eugene was very flattered and commented that Lee Hyori will get to it soon, she now has a boyfriend and she's is a popular artist.
Eugene debuted as a member of popular girl group S.E.S. which disbanded and she pursued her solo career as an actress and got married to Ki Tae Young.