[NEWS] Lee Hongki’s Song for Fans is a New Song by Fat Cat

FTIsland Lee Hongki sang a song for his fans, revealing a short verse of Fat Cat’s new song and created hot topics.

The 30-second ballad sung by Lee Hongki to his fans, saying “I love you” was uploaded at his Daum fancafe ‘Honggist” on 2nd March. The video was spreading fast online and it even went up the ranks of Nate Best Video with a record of 250,000 views.

‘It’s like a dream, so I kept smiling all day long. It must be like a dream, so I tried pinching my cheeks. It’s like a dream that you came to me. It’s like a dream.’ The song lyric is like confession to the fans.

Fans who watched the video, commented, “What is the title of this song?”, “It sounds good”, “So touching. We love you too, fool.”, “I like the song and I like Lee Hongki too”.

Fat Cat’s management company revealed that, “Actually, Lee Hongki is giving a support to his junior, Fat Cat, by singing a short verse Fat Cat’s new song. We would like to thank Lee Hongki for uploading the video on his fancafe and for promoting the song as well.”

On the other hand, Fat Cat will make a comeback with the new song on 9th.

Credit: Star in + ying1005@withtreasures