[News] Lee Dong Gun in talks for comeback project

Actor Lee Dong Gun, who finally completed his 22 month military service and was discharged from the Korean army earlier today, will be resuming his acting activities.

Lee Dong Gun is currently in talks to star in a figure-skating drama, "Can't Lose" though the show's broadcaster and air date have yet to be announced. A representative stated, "Lee is going over the script and we are currently in the final stages of making our decision."

During his discharge ceremony earlier, Lee Dong Gun talked about his next production. He said, "I’ve already picked the next production and will soon start shooting for an upcoming drama."

With his remarks, many are speculating that the actor has confirmed for the new figure-skating drama "Can't Lose."

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gun made his debut as an actor in 1998. He is well-known for his roles in dramas "Lovers in Paris", "Sweet 18" and "Smile Again."