[News] Lee Da Hae cast in Chinese drama

After signing exclusive contract under Forestar Entertainment, actress Lee Da Hae finally stepped up for her first project.

Lee Da Hae will be making her advancement into the Chinese market. She has recently been cast as the leading female role in a Chinese drama. The first shoot will take place in Shanghai, China on the 5th of March.

The drama is about the success story of a chef based in a dumpling house and Lee Da Hae will play the leading character named Soha who overcomes all obstacles in her unfortunate life, raising her niece altogether.

A representative from Forestar Entertainment revealed, "Lee has prepared herself for a long time by learning English and Chinese and we feel that she will have no problems with taking on an international project."

"Her fluency in Chinese helps her get continuous love calls from the country", he added.

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae has about 2,600,000 followers on her Chinese SNS Weibo and was once an issue for her appearance on a Chinese program without an interpreter after having mastered the language for 7 years since the release of 2005 "Green Rose".

Source: hancinema