[News] Kim So Eun transforms into angel for Chinese drama

We previously revealed that actress Kim So Eun, alongside singer and actor Jang Woo Hyuk have been cast as leads in the upcoming Chinese drama "Secret Angel."

On March 20, the drama revealed still cuts of Kim So Eun from the filming. The pictures show the actress donning a white dress and angel wings to complete her role of a likable and cute angel named L.

According to the production crew on the set, Kim So Eun practiced for her midair wire acting by doing a couple simulations beforehand. Once the filming started, the actress was able to adjust to the wires and completed her acting without a hitch.

"Secret Angel" is a ten-part series and is set to air its pilot episode on March 21st. It will be broadcasted in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and around 27 main cities through major TV networks and Chinese portal website sohu.com.