[News] Kim Junsu’s impassioned acting in ‘Elisabeth’ leads to #1 on Interpark’s Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Charts!

On the 14th, ‘Elisabeth’ ranked first among 342 musicals on Interpark’s daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ranking chart.
Second place on the weekly chart is the musical ‘Doctor Zhivago’ with 4.7% of sales as compared to 18.7% of sales from ‘Elisabeth’. The big difference between two musicals has proved again the unbeatable popularity of ‘Elisabeth’.
The ticket fever for ‘Elisabeth’ is such an exceptional case in the industry.

Even though this is the premiere of ‘Elisabeth’ in Korea, the musical has been highly anticipated and gained the audience’s attention for a few years. Ever since the opening performance, the musical draws a full house everyday and receives explosive response from the audience.
Not only defeating highly anticipating musicals like ‘Notre dame de Paris’ and ‘Wicked’, ‘Elisabeth’ also beats “Doctor Zhivago” starring the famous Jo Seungwoo, the French musical “Mozart L’Opéra Rock” and other outstanding competitors to take the 1st place.
Kim Sunyoung, Ock Joohyun, Ryu Junghan, Kim Junsu, Park Euntae and other best actors have shown the audience a perfect performance with constant variations. Full of beautiful music and harmony, the musical tells the story between Queen Elisabeth, a member of the glorious Austrian imperial family of Habsburg, and the fantasy character ‘The Death” who has fell for her beauty. The musical has become the best production in the world.

A member of Interpark said “Not only having the highest sales, it also receives the best response from the audience. Audience’s applause after every scene and the standing ovation even make the staff of the theater surprised. Moreover, it has been a long time since the theatre is full even on weekdays or on weekends, with whichever combination of casts."

After watching the show, an audience commented “After experiencing the massive scale, the acting and singing ability of the cast, I think it is worth the ticket price. It feels like receiving recompense for the expensive ticket.”, “This is an interesting musical which is rarely seen recently. I will recommend it to my friends and I will go watch it two or three more times”.

On the other hand, the musical ‘Elisabeth’ will be performed until May 13 at Samsung Jeonja Hall, Blue Square, Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Credit: Nate
Translated by: sweetiexiah of JYJ3