[News] Kim Junsu’s exclusive OST for ‘Elisabeth’ is planned to be released “A special gift for the fans”!

Kim Junsu’s popularity is hot even in musical’s world.
Live performance OST for the musical ‘Elisabeth’ was released on March 31. On March 20, after the release of 5 songs (Kim Sunyoung’s ‘I belong to me’, Ock Joohyun’s Nothing at all’, Kim Suyong’s ‘Milk’, Choi Minchul’s ‘Kitsch’ and Park Euntae’s ‘Milk’) on many music sites, 4000 copies were pre-ordered.
Kim Junsu was excluded in this Korean OST. Even though Kim Junsu is taking the role of ‘Death’ in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, only songs by Kim Sunyoung, Ryu Junghan, Ock Joohyun, Song Changeui, Park Euntae and Jeon Songsuk were included in the OST.
A representative of ‘Elisabeth’ said “Kim Junsu didn’t participate in this album but an exclusive OST for many domestic and international fans of Kim Junsu is in discussions.
Musical ‘Elisabeth’ is a beautiful story of love between a member of Autrian Hapsburgs imperial family – Queen ‘Elisabeth’, and a fantasy character ‘Death’.
Credit: Nate
Translated by: Sweetiexiah of JYJ3