[News] Kim Hyung Jun to star in new drama "I Love You"

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun has been cast as the leading character in SBS Plus drama "I Love You".

"I Love You" is based on Kang Pool's popular comic and tells the love story between the elderly. The show will be SBS Plus’ first feature-length drama that will be produced in-house.

Kim Hyung Jun will be taking on the role of Jung Min Jae, a smart public service worker. He was admitted to Seoul National University with qualification exams and created a game within the school club and made himself a legendary character. He seems like a smart and well-off plutocrat son but he is a multi-playing survivor who has a painful family past. He is about to spread romance with Kim Yeon Ah (Kim Yoon Seo) as he becomes a public service worker in the district office.

Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae from the same-titled movie "I Love You" will be re-appearing here as an old man who will send warm and beautiful love. The drama is set to be aired in early April.