[News] KARA to participate in public welfare activities in Taiwan!

KARA to visit Taiwan next week, donate personal items for charity
Korean top girl group KARA will be visiting Taiwan for the first time next Saturday to hold a fan meeting. Besides bringing sweets and lollipops for the under-privileged children to allow them to enjoy a happy Children’s Day, they will be donating personal items for auction, to rally their fans towards supporting the charity work of the Red Heart Association.
Korean super-popular girl group KARA will be visiting Taiwan on 31 March. As first-time visitors to Taiwan, besides bringing along great song and dance performances and meeting their fans, the 5 members announced that they will be joining in the Red Hearts Association’s charity work, donate their personal items for online auctions, and use the proceeds to help pay for the school fees and meals of the under-privileged children.
Leader Gyuri said: “Finally we have a chance to come to Taiwan personally to meet our fans. We have always been grateful for our Taiwanese fans’ support. For this trip to Taiwan, the members have put in a lot of effort, as we want to put on the best show for everyone!” As for what “good stuff” the fans can expect from the concert, the adorable maknae Jiyoung said: “Do you want to see KARA’s hip dance? Kamilia (KARA’s fandom name), we’re ready!”
The young KARA are already well-known in the music scene and well-loved by overseas fans. When told that they have been invited to join the Red Hearts Association charity work, the members said that they will transform into “KARA big sisters”. Goo Hara, who is much loved because of her Korean drama and who has a lot of fans, said: “We did some research on the Internet, and found out that even though the Korean Children’s Day is on 5th of May, Taiwan Children’s Day falls on April 4th. Since we’re visiting Taiwan at the end of March, we decided to take some time to prepare some healthy and yummy sweets and lollipops, and we will request the staff to help to pass them to the under-privileged children. This is because on Children’s Day, they are the most important.” Member Nicole added that she hopes everyone will respond to KARA’s charity drive, and care for the children.

Translated by steprider@6theory 
Taken from KARAfull