[News] Kang Ho Dong to build a school in a village in Africa

Entertainer Kang Ho Dong is making headlines again, although this time his name is cast in a better light than the days of his tax evasion scandal last year.

According to charity organization Child Fund Korea, the entertainer will sponsor a project that is geared toward providing an education-friendly environment for children in Africa.

“We are currently working on a project with Kang Ho Dong that will enable kids of an African village to receive education in a safe and welcoming environment,” a representative from Child Fund said.

“Although it’s a project geared toward encouraging schooling, a whole village will benefit from the project.

In addition to constructing a school, the organization will help pay for textbooks, train teachers and provide medical services for the students. Although the spokesperson omitted the exact sum that Kang will donate, she did say the school costs around 30 million won ($26,522) and that irrigation costs 10 million won.

Source: JoongAng Daily