[News] K-Pop stars team-up for "World Music Festival in Okinawa"

The hottest K-pop stars teamed up for a K-pop concert which was held in Okinawa, Japan on March 4 for “World Music Festival in Okinawa.” The concert, which gathered over 20,000 fans, took place at the Okinawa Cellular Stadium and featured artists such as KARA, 2PM, Infinite, Rainbow, Secret and ZE:A, among others.

The concert was divided into two parts, the first being the “Oh Joon-sung Drama Concert,” which saw music producer Oh Joon Sung from the hit dramas “Boys over Flowers” and “Inspector Princess” conducting a symphony orchestra. Monday Kiz performed famous drama OSTs, like “Goodbye My Princess” and “Paradise.”

During the second part of the music festival titled “K-pop Special Live,” the idol groups showed off their impressive performances of their hit songs.

This year was the first time the “World Music Festival in Okinawa” opened. It began in the honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Japanese and American agreement regarding the Ryukyu and Daito Islands. It is scheuled to happen annually from now on.