[News] JYJ in Chile: “We Will Prepare a Spectacular Show”!

At the end of the 2011-2012 World Tour by popular South Korean K-Pop group, JYJ, the group arrived in Santiago, Chile to present a concert before thousands of fans.
According to them, this tour through South America has a special meaning for them, for they have produced these concerts specifically for their Latin American fans.
“We are very delighted to have been able to keep our promise to our fans and will prepare a spectacular show to correspond with the passion of Latin America,” remarked the K-Pop idols before the press.
“The countries are very distant from each other, it’s a 30 hour flight. Also, even though that the countries a very far from each other, we have always believed to have been very close,” they further added.
Press Conference
During the press conference, the boys voiced their opinion against piracy, arguing that the issue not only ”affects” them as a group, but also other groups who strive to succeed.
In regards to Chile, Jaejoong, Yoochun y Junsu confessed that had imagined a very different country. The artists felt that the metropolitan capital was actually a rather calm town.
One of the characteristics that has really grabbed their attention is the Chilean culture. For example, they mentioned the reaction of a fan who was waiting anxiously for them at the airport and upon seeing them coming, came to embrace warmly, a practice not common on the other side of the world.
The members of JYJ stated that they did not expect to find such a large number of fans. The South Korean idols are happy to see that the K-Pop has expanded successfully into the world.
Finally, they emphasized that for them music is a language without borders ”that unites all.”
Credit: Meganoticias
Translated by: eternally_by_your_side of JYJ3