[News] JYJ also occupies the Blue House!

Group JYJ has captured the hearts of the world’s first ladies.
On March 27th, JYJ entered the Blue House’s reception hall for the ‘Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Event for the First Ladies.’ After being introduced, the three member’s amazing harmony in ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘In Heaven’ caught the eyes and ears of the guests.
A spokeswoman from the planning committee said “I understand that JYJ is the only group that has not only gone all over Asia but advanced into North America, Europe and even all the way to South America. The reaction from all First Ladies was really good and because they enjoyed JYJ’s performance, from the planning committee’s point of view, we were really grateful to JYJ. From their performance opportunity, the world was able to gain an understanding of the excellence of K-POP."
The guests in attendance came from Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, India, Indonesia, China, Chile, Phillipines, the United Nations, the European Union and many more for a total of 16 First Ladies. They were constantly smiling and enjoying the performances with appreciating hearts.
JYJ felt honored and happy because they were able to demonstrate to the world’s first ladies the excellence of Korean culture. After they came back from their World Tour, they were honored to have an opportunity to showcase the nation’s glory. Though it was a short period of time they hoped that the guests in attendance would leave with great memories of Korea.
In particular, after the event was over the First Ladies of Switzerland, Vietnam, Phillipine, Chile, South Africa, Chile, South Africa waited to take pictures with JYJ. First-Lady Kim Yoon-Ok even told Park Yoochun that she was watching “Rooftop Prince” and thought it very entertaining.
Meanwhile, JYJ just recently came back from their tour in South America and successfully ended their 15-city world tour. In the meantime, the members will focus on their individual activities in dramas and musical.
Source: Hankyung
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3