[News] Jung Suk Won brags about Baek Ji Young

Actor Jung Suk Won didn't hide his affection for singer Baek Ji Young.

MBC TV program "Come To Play" carried on the talk under the concept, "I Am An Action Star" with Jung Suk Won, Kim Bo Sung, Lee Sang In and stunt director Jung Doo Hong.

During the episode, Jung Suk Won mentioned his publicly announced lover, Baek Ji Young.

"I became close with a stylist during one of my advertisement shoots, and I happened to meet Baek Ji Young by chance." He continued, "She was so different from the image of her I had in my head."

Jung Suk Won said, "She has the heart of a girl. She always has a book in her bag and makes effort to read it."

He also said that he fell for her because of her toughness and shyness at the same time, "I thought she would be really outgoing, but rather she was really shy,” he continued. “After that, I started seeing her as a woman."

When she told him she wanted to break up with him for his own good, he told her, "I have confidence that I can do well without being afraid." He said, "When I said that, Jiyoung shed a few tears."