[News] JR revealed she likes Kahi the most and wants to receive private dance lessons from her"!

Rookie group NU'EST has done a photoshoot for the magazine April edition of 'Elle Girl' A.

In this photoshoot, the five members: leader JR, Aron, Minhyun, Ren and Baekho have shown a lot of their characteristics and charms.
There are no need for words with NU'EST, they seem to know each other very well and had shown off their perfect teamwork which had received praise from the staff.
In the interview which was followed by the photoshoot, JR chose Kahi as his favorite senior from the same agency and said "She is an amazing leader and I think that she is a great dancer. I want to receive private dance lessons from her.".
Minhyun chose After School's Uee as his favorite senior and added "I would like to be acknowledged in a variety of areas so I want to challenge myself as an actor, MC as well as a singer".
NU'EST also added "We can be a group that promotes around the world and not only in Korea".

Source: TV Daily
Translation Credits: Bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels