[News] Jewelry's Jooyeon shares a sweet note from Jo Kwon

Jewelry's Jooyeon recently shared a photo of 2AM's album with a sweet note from Jo Kwon.

On March 27th, Jooyeon tweeted, "My beloved Kwon oppa gave me 2AM’s CD. Thank you so much. I love all of their songs from this album. Especially the song 'I Love You I Love You' that Chang Min wrote. It’s lovely."

The photo shows 2AM's album with a handwritten letter from Jo Kwon that reads, "We need to talk more with one another. It’s so nice to see you live each day of your life without losing your positive spirit. Let’s keep it up! I Love You."

Netizens commented, "Jo Kwon has such nice handwriting", "They seem to be so close" and "Never seen a guy write so nicely."